• Welcome To Hotel Yash International Kushinagar
    Welcome To Hotel Yash International Kushinagar
  • Welcome To Hotel Yash International Kushinagar
    Welcome To Hotel Yash International Kushinagar
  • Welcome To Hotel Yash International Kushinagar
    Welcome To Hotel Yash International Kushinagar

Welcome To Yash International Hotel

Welcome To Hotel Yash International, Kushinagar founded by Ranjeet Jaiswal and established in 17-07-2017 we are offers rooms with modern decor and discreet luxury. Our impeccable service renders Hotel Yash International a unique flavor. Latest amenities for business and relaxation makes us, an ideal choice for guests seeking accommodation in Kushinagar City.

Accommodation At Yash International Hotel

Normal Room With AC

The comfortable rooms feature air-conditioning, a flat-screen cable TV and a seating area. The attached bathrooms are equipped with a shower and free toiletries.

Deluxe AC Room

At Hotel Yash International can opt for standard non A/c rooms and A/c deluxe rooms. Each room is quite spacious with simple interiors.

Super Luxury Room

Our Super Deluxe room is blend of comfort and elegance with perfectly matched decorations, large windows with balcony with views.

Tourist Place

Parinirvana Stupa

Parinirvana Stupa is a Buddhist temple in Kushinagar, India which is said to be the death place of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. Alexander Cunningham gains the most attention for his work in the area, because he conclusively proved that Gautama Buddha had died in the area. The present temple was built by the Indian Government in 1956 as part of the commemoration of the 2,500th year of the Mahaparinivana or 2500 BE (Buddhist Era). Inside this temple, there is Reclinging Buddha image lying on its right side with the head to the north. The statue is 6.1 m long and rests on a stone couch.

Ramabhar Stupa

Kushinagar is a town in the Kushinagar district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site, where Buddhists believe Gautama Buddha attained Parinirvana after his death. It is an international Buddhist pilgrimage centre.

According to one theory, Kushinagar was the capital of Kosala Kingdom and according to Ramayana it was built by King Kush, son of Rama, protagonist of the epic Ramayana. While according to Buddhist tradition Kushavati was named prior to the king Kush. The naming of Kushwati is believed to be due to abundance of Kush grass found in this region.

Japanese Temple

Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh in India is one of the destinations which are considered to be quite holy for the Buddhists. It is believed that Lord Buddha uttered his last words in Kushinagar. A city of Stupas and Temples, it is one of the major tourist attractions that attract travelers from all over. One of the important temples in Kushinagar is the Japanese Temple, Kushinagar. Indianholiday.com offers online information on Japanese Temple, Kushinagar and other tourist attractions of Uttar Pradesh and other parts of India.

Buddhist Museum

Government Bauddha Museum is situated at Kushinagar which is well known all around the world as Mahaparinirvana place of Lord Buddha. The Buddha breathed his last at the ripe age of eighty at Kushinagar and therefore this place has been the centre of attraction for tourists and Buddhists pilgrims from all over India and abroad. Kushinagar is located about 52 Km. East from Gorakhpur on National Highway-28 and 35 Km. North from Deoria which are also the railway stations of the North Eastern Railway.The visitors can stay in the various guest-houses maintained by the temples and monastaries or in private/Govt. hotels. Uttar pradesh is undoubtely the seat of Buddhism. Buddhism emerged here as a religion and from here spread across to the world. Main Buddhist places as viz. Sarnath, Kapilvastu, Sankisa, Sravasti, Kaushambi and Kushinagar are situated here. Kushinara was the ancient name of Kushinagar, which was the capital of Malla clan.It was also one of the Sixteen Mahajanapadas of ancient India during the period of 6th century B.C.E. According to Jatakas, in ancent times Kushinagar was known as Kushavati. In Ramayana, it is mentioned as the city of Kusha, the son of  lord Rama the king of  Ayodhya.

Special Events

Banquet Hall

When hosting a party, banquet, wedding, any reception or some other kind of social event where a large number of people have to gather together, a banquet hall proves to be the right place. In Kushinagar, one can find many banquet halls, suiting one’s pocket. One can even go for Air-conditioned or non Air-conditioned banquet halls.


Yash International Hotel is a multi-cuisine restaurant, one of its own kind. Indians like their vegetable curries really hot and spicy and so add a number of spices to make them really exotic. These are also prepared using different methods of cooking like baking, boiling, frying, etc. We offer a number of tempting Indian vegetarian recipes of dishes like Mushroom curry, Fried Rice, Ice Cream with Gulab Jamun, etc. We are pleased to inform that we have opened up the Yash International Hotel . We always treat this as the # 1 priority in all our endeavors. Yash International Hotel emphasis is on Quality, Cleanliness, and Speed of Service as the first threshold of commitment to the mission of a trusted name in the hospitality industry.


In the end, the much-awaited public hearing meeting to discuss the topic impact assessment of the Kushinagar.We visited this place in a function. The place as well as food is good. the party space is sufficient. Rooms are good and staff is very cooprative. Service in best food is fast and price is avarge according to Kushinagar city.